A Midsummer Night’s California Dream takes Shakespeare’s classic comedy and places it smack dab in the 1960s, complete with music from The Beach Boy and The Mamas and the Papas.

Four young lovers and a band of actors find themselves enchanted and tormented by the magic of the fairies who inhabit the wilds near the beach town of Athens, California.

With our usual Mash-Up style this is Shakespeare like you’ve never seen it before…in fact this isn’t Shakespeare, it’s SHAKESQUEER!

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We bring a unique and irreverent rock & roll theatre experience to Northern Michigan. By remixing mainstream media and popular culture into innovative new shows, we seek to celebrate and question the world around us. Our shows are a true collaboration with our cast and crew to create something that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. We encourage improv and interaction with our audience and promise you that no two shows are ever alike. Really we’re just a bunch of weirdos telling stories that, at their heart, promote inclusion and tolerance, because we believe there is a place for all us weirdos in this world.

Mash-Up Rock & Roll Musical wouldn’t be possible without the support from our community. In 2013 our friends and family and even a few strangers donated to our Indiegogo campaign to raise more than enough money for our first production. These were our Producers. Since then we’ve continued to find Producers for each show. Being a producer means you are a part of what makes Mash-Up possible, whether it’s by buying Advance Tickets for a show or pitching in a few dollars from afar. Thank you to all our past producers – we hope you’ll sign on to help us in the future! 

Any amount, even $1, will help us with the rent of the theatre, microphone and sound equipment, costumes, props and set pieces, and whatever we have left over which we can share with our performers. Thanks again to all of our producers, past, present and future!