Friends of the Mash Up

  • Matthew Phillip Hansen has talent that defies his leprechaun size. We are grateful that he has designed many of our posters and graphics.
  • A giant in the world of design, Gabe Augustine graciously created our mystery logo. He’s also taken some of the amazing photos on this site.
  • We thank Jody Kluck, Sarah Brown, and Wayne Erreca for providing other photos.
  • The musical talents of Michael Hunter, Matt Hunter, and John Paul were featured in The Sound of Uzis and Grimm’s Alternative Fairytales. Check out their band One Hot Robot!
  • Harvey Bridge was the backing band for How Grinchy Met the Who
  • We also thank Evola Music for hosting our auditions and some rehearsals. Chris has been a great supporter.
  • Aerial training and dance support is provided by Elevated Arts
  • Please also visit Parallel 45 and Old Town Playhouse for access to other great theatre in Traverse City, MI.
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