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Set at a 1960s beach party, with a musical soundtrack of classic Beach Boys and The Mamas and the Papas tunes, the story is a reimagined take on the classic Shakespeare comedy. What happens when the Athenian mortals find themselves at the mercy of the Beatnik fairies? Join us for a comedic romp about the perils of love and the power of transformation.

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Queer Cabaret Online

The Mashup Troupe in a one night stand

A collection of imagined mashups of the future, this performance presents some of the weirdest ideas we’ve come up with for potential stories featuring our unconventional characters. Enjoy comedy and music and then VOTE for what you’d like to see become a future production. The best part? Enjoy it from the comfort of your own living room! 

Recorded on Feb 5th at the GT Circuit in Traverse City, this performance will is available to purchase and stream at your leisure. 

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A six-episode parody of the beloved sitcom, delivered on-demand right to your own home!

Set in 1980s Traverse City, the story follows all-American girl, Mindy, as she meets her new roommate, who just so happens to be the Icelandic singer-songwriter-multimedia-artist Björk. 

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Mash Up Rock and Roll Musical

Mashup Rock & Roll Musical has brought their irreverent, original shows to Traverse City since 2013. Our stories seek to give voice to those characters ignored by the mainstream. We hope to challenge our audiences to think a little, laugh a lot, and always embrace the weird.  

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