Meet The Troupe

In a world of the ho-hum doldrums, our innovative and slightly twisted heroes dare to stand up and fight for your right to have an irreverently good time! We hope to bring together talented actors, singers, poetry-makers, musicians, artists, crafters, and techies to produce theatre for an audience looking for something completely fresh and new. The core of this team is Lesley – writer, director, and aerial artist – and Tony – musical director and band leader. Our shows begin with a script and chosen songs, but this is only a blueprint as we rely on the collaboration and inspirations brought from our cast and crew throughout the rehearsal process. We encourage improv and interaction, and hope to get our audience up out of their seats with our musical numbers. What this adds up to is a unique theatre experience where no two shows are ever alike.

Founders Lesley Alicia Tye and Tony Bero