Mashup Rock & Roll Musical: Previous Shows

Scooby Doo-Wop Two-Wop

A Live Drive-In Mystery Adventure

Scooby and the Gang return to Traverse City to help solve the case of a mysterious river monster that has been scaring people up and down the Boardman. They need your help to solve clues and find out if there’s a real culprit behind these spooky sightings. Using your car’s FM radio and a smartphone, you and your crew will solve clues and puzzles right from the comfort of your own Mystery Machine. Scooby Doo-Wop Two-Wop is part live theatre, part puzzle-solving scavenger hunt, and a whole lot of fun.

Episode Two: The Mysterious Monster

The story finds the Scooby Doo-Wop gang investigating a mysterious river monster that has been causing trouble. The interactive show gives audiences a chance to use their smartphones to help solve clues and vote who they think is the real culprit behind the mystery. They also get to tune in with their radio to hear original parody doo-wop tunes synched up with the dance numbers. 

Scooby Doo-Wop Two-Wop was made possible by a grant from the Northwest Michigan Arts and Cultural Affairs and the Michigan Arts and Culture Council. The Mashup partnered with Old Town Playhouse for this production to use their parking lot as the start of the show. Northwestern Michigan College University Center was also a partner providing performance space for Act 2.

Behind the Scenes!

This show was designed to be a safe way for our performers and audience to enjoy live theatre during the height of Covid. Rehearsals were done all outside.

Before rehearsals could begin our musicians were in the studio laying down the audio recordings for our songs. Singers were brought in one at a time to keep things safe and socially distant.