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Your continued support helps with our day to day operations as well as production costs. But it also grants you some pretty cool perks at every level! Want to get exclusive content, like free access to our web series? How about access to bootlegs of our previous shows so you can watch them anytime? Early access to get tickets, even discounts, or comps? 

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Past Producers

We’d like to thank our past producers, those folks that signed on to support us even before we were a nonprofit: 

Charlotte and Virgil Tye, Mickey and Bob Bero, Erin Rollman, Meredith Friedman, Paul Martin, Gretchen and Gabe Augustine, Cinder Conlon, Lars and Megan Kelto, John Wear, Kate Botello and Ray Weigel, Jeff Morgan, Kathy Verstraete, Dan and Stacy Chariton, Rebecca Kemp, Jen Lakin, Scott Morey, Susan, Matt, Ethan and Brennan Pete, Katherine Wibby and Nick Carpenter, Alani Leong and Luna Estrada, Nick Carpenter, Jeff Irving, Duane Lakin, Bonnie Deigh, Natalie and Brian Knowles, Meg Parker, Danny, Laura and Bean Daneau, Andrea Myers Culhane, Sam Clark, Tara O’Brien, Cat Tallman, Alexa Langrock, Jen Loup, Melissa Bullard, Robin Wodek, Rob Stow and Jeremy Evans, Scott Tompkins, Stacy Hoag, Tania Arens, Kristen Hains, Elizabeth Ernst, Elizabeth Jean Wear, Courtney Kaiser-Sandler, Beverly Cady, Fortunate McHot Pants, Dave Dennison, Toby Lucius, Allyce Amidon, Allix and Harold Kranick, Meaghan and Dan Kenny, Chad Smarsty, Sally Beemon, Andrea Rothney, Astrid Elle Pearlman and Robert Anderson, Michelle Perez, Danielle Brizard, Minda Nyquist, Chicory Lei Rolle, Therese and Hannah Zielinksi, Andrew Hoadley, Al Thompson, Shannon Ryal, Melanie Villanueva, Danielle Hartley, Erin Anderson Whiting, Kit McKay, Jasmine Miles, Brandon Atkins, Our friends at Immanuel Lutheran of Suttons Bay, Penny Nerem, Jeff Nerem, Doug Austin, Jean Kavanaugh, Michelle Thompson, Janice Crockett, Sarah Chamberlain, Brett and Kristina Nichols, Martha Thorp, Taoukif and Ricki Nadji, Kristen Messner and The Cool Humans, Micha Bancroft, Jamie and Beau Lamont, Nancy Gallagher and Kevin Weber, Jeff Curtis and Jane Parameter-Curtis, Jeremy Hogue, John Klapko, Michelle Viox, Brian and Kristina Jackson, Joseph Baumann, Christy Burich, Steve Ford, Amelia Dorn, Barb and John Laffin, Mary Ellen Newport, Sarah and Karl Bielman, Jennifer Frozena and Jon Bero

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Mash Up Rock And Roll Musical is 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed. 

We also use Ludus for one time donations. Ludus is a Michigan based company that does ticketing for our events AND can track our donors. It’s easy, secure, and every little bit helps!

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