Björk & Mindy


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Become a Patron! Mashup Rock & Roll Musical is set to release their web series, Björk and Mindy, a six-episode parody of the beloved classic sitcom. Set in 1980s Traverse City, the story follows all-American girl, Mindy, as she meets her new roommate, who just so happens to be the Icelandic singer-songwriter-multimedia-artist Björk. Watch as Mindy tries to help Björk adapt to a new country. Their friendship is tested as culture clashes commence. Will Björk finally assimilate to her new surroundings and lose some of her weirdness, or will Mindy discover that what makes a person strange might be the very thing that makes them special? Mashup Rock & Roll Musical is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to produce new works that remix popular culture with stories that promote inclusion and tolerance.
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